MILK Token
Launching Now - MILK TOKEN 🥛
We are launching our staking and governance token, MILK 🥛. You can get MILK in a pre-sale. The pre-sale starts on Wednesday, 6th October 16:00 UTC and ends on Monday, 11th October 16:00 UTC. Farming on MuesliSwap will launch immediately after the pre-sale ends.
We would like the community to determine initial price of 1 MILK 🥛! You can invest any amount you like in MuesliSwap. The amount of tokens you will receive at the launch is directly proportional to your investment (the amount you invest divided by total invested amount from all pre-sale buyers). Example: If two people, Alice and Bob, invest in the MILK presale, Alice invests 10 BCH and Bob invests 10 BCH, then Alice and Bob will both receive 50% of the supply.
You can always change or withdraw your investment before the pre-sale ends.
At the time of launch, there will be the option to stake your LP tokens to earn more MILK. You can stake your token from the beginning to enjoy juicy earnings of MILK, while supporting the growth of the exchange. Enjoy Muesli with staked MILK, because you need MILK to make Muesli! 🥛
The initial supply is 1,000,000 (one million) MILK. Out of the initial supply, 70% will be distributed to presale investors, proportionally to their investment. 10% will be used to provide initial liquidity. The remaining 20% will be allocated to the MuesliSwap Team.
The inital inflation rate of MILK will be 0.1 MILK per block to start with. This accounts for an inflation rate of 1% per week. This is required to encourage liquidity providers to provide liquidity on MuesliSwap. In the long term this inflation rate might vary depending on liquidity provision.
Update: The community has voted that the MILK emission should be temporarily increased to attract more liquidity.
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