Stake MILK and earn tokens as a reward!

We are happy to announce that staking is now live on mainnet. By participating in MuesliSwap staking, MILK holders have the chance to earn Cardano tokens such as SNOW!

The number of available pools varies. So make sure to follow our Social Media Channels to learn about new pools!

How does staking work?

Anyone can deposit their MILK tokens into our smart contract. You can then decide between different token pools in which you will earn rewards. The rewards within each token pool are distributed to all participants staking their MILK in the pool. Once you unstake your MILK tokens, you can automatically claim the accumulated token rewards from the MILK pool. The rewards will then be sent in a separate transaction to your wallet.

How can I get started?

Just head to the Earn - Stake Page. You will see a list of MILK pools, where you can stake your MILK tokens, along with some information. In the example below, we have a pool with the SNOW token as a reward. We can see the total amount of MILK staked at the moment and the current reward per 1 MILK. This mechanism shows the estimated rewards you can get if you stake until the pool end date. Each pool has a start and an end date — in this case, the pool ends on August 29th. By clicking on Details you can stake MILK. Simply enter your amount, click Stake MILK, and you’re done!

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