Limit Swap

Using the MuesliSwap Limit Swap feature, you can place limit orders against liquidity pools. As soon as the price in the pool matches your specified limit, the order will be executed.

You don't need to hit enter at the right price anymore! Just add your limit swap order and relax.

How does it work?

  1. Open the trading page and select "Limit" in the top of the swap dialog.

  2. Select the token pair you want to trade.

  3. Insert the amount of token you want to sell, or receive.

  4. You may now change the amount of token to receive or the price at which to swap by inserting your desired price/ received tokens.

  5. Choose a pool to place the trade against. Your order will only be executed once this specific pool reaches the price you choose. Therefore, carefully consider which pool you want to trade with. You may want to take into account the Total Value Locked (lower = more price fluctuation, higher = less price impact), the current market price, fees etc.

  6. Hit "Place Limit Order". This will open your wallet to construct a transaction as requested by you!

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