Token Listing

Every Cardano Native Token can be traded on the MuesliSwap platform.

Every Cardano token is uniquely identified by 2 values: policy id and token name.

Tokens listed on the MuesliSwap platform typically have one of the following tags: Verified, Unverified, Scam, Outdated, Onhold

We do not closely moderate unverified tokens, so we encourage users to do due diligence on tokens that are marked as Unverified.

Tokens marked as Outdated or Scam should be traded at your own risk! This means that the team has identified that the project has either migrated to a new token (outdated) or the project/token is a scam.

Trading will only be stopped for tokens marked as Onhold.

Verifying validity of a token

Always DYOR and compare the policy ID of the token with the policy ID of the project's official homepage.

Adding new tokens

Everyone can add a new token for trading on MuesliSwap, however any properly registered Cardano Native Asset should be tradeable within a day of registration.

Therefore the following is only relevant for token creators:

You will be needing the policy ID and the name of the token that you want to add. This information is usually displayed on a project's homepage. You should double check the information with Cardanoscan.

We recommend registering your token with the Cardano Token Registry. They have a written step-by-step guide to follow along. This will list your token automatically on Muesliswap and will also ensure valid metadata (decimal places, icon, description, homepage, etc.) as provided by you.

In case you are a token creator but don't plan on listing your token in the Cardano Token Registry, you can also list your token via our website. We do not recommend this, as alternatively, the metadata of a token is used. The intention behind this is primarily to support NFTs, that usually store their metadata in the on-chain metadata after minting. This information is used by MuesliSwap to list NFTs. Therefore your token will likely only have a policy ID and name, and will be missing out on support for decimal places and all the other metadata introduced with the Cardano Token Registry.

In case this is fine for your token, here is how to proceed:

  • Enter the policyId and tokenname in the corresponding fields

  • Click List New Token, this will place a transaction, causing the token to be listed without requiering a CTR entry

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