MuesliSwap MILK

Official governance and utility token of MuesliSwap on Cardano and Milkomeda

NOTE: On January 26, 2024, as decided through a governance vote, we have started migrating the original MILK token into the new MILKv2 token in order to feature decimal places for increased flexibility. There's a 1:1 correspondence between MILK and MILKv2, hence the total and circulating supply is unaffected by this migration. For details on the migration process, see the MILK Token Migration FAQ.

We are proud to present the MuesliSwap MILK token 🥛 - the official governance and utility token of MuesliSwap on Cardano and Milkomeda.

The total supply of our utility token is fixed to 10 million (10,000,000) MILK, and 5.3 million (5,300,000) MILK are currently in circulation.

Moreover, we have allocated ~ 1.12 million MILK to our yield farming campaign.

Roadmap of MILK Token

This is the list outlining the MILK token utilities.

  1. Launch of MILK trading on the MuesliSwap exchange

  2. Staking of MILK: Collect new Cardano tokens by staking your MILK

  3. Premium trading features (e.g. access to advanced monitoring and stock analysis)

  4. Reduced trading fees

  5. Development of MuesliSwap towards a DAO by

    1. using MILK to contribute in community votes on listing of new token featured

    2. giving MILK holders the opportunity to decide on new features of MuesliSwap, and influencing the future development timeline.

Summarizing, MILK will many useful benefits as the utility token of MuesliSwap:

  • Trading: access to exclusive exchange features and lower transaction fees

  • Voting: Vote on community governance proposals

  • Staking: Participate in the MILK pools and collect new Cardano tokens

  • Early Access: Get early access to MuesliPad (the innovative launchpad from MuesliSwap)

The policy ID of MILKv2 is afbe91c0b44b3040e360057bf8354ead8c49c4979ae6ab7c4fbdc9eb.

The policy ID of MILK is 8a1cfae21368b8bebbbed9800fec304e95cce39a2a57dc35e2e3ebaa.

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