MILK Token Migration FAQ

Here, you'll find answers to common questions about transitioning from MILK to MILKv2. Our aim is to ensure a smooth and straightforward migration process for all our users.

What is the MILK Token Migration?

The MILK Token Migration is the process of transitioning from our older version of the MILK Token (MILK v1) to the new version (MILK v2).

This migration introduces decimal places for enhanced transaction flexibility and ensures both versions retain full utility within our ecosystem.

MILKv2 Token Details

When does the MILK Token Migration start and end?

  • Start Date: 26 Jan 2024

  • End Date: There is no fixed end date for the migration. However, it's advisable to migrate early as rewards for MILK v1 will gradually decrease over time.

Why should I migrate to MILKv2?

  • Decimal Places: MILKv2 supports decimal places for greater transaction precision.

  • Ease of Process: The migration involves a simple, one-time procedure of burning MILK v1 tokens and receiving MILK v2 tokens.

  • Earn your Milks Worth: The rewards for farms and flexible staking of the old Milk token will decrease over time, therefore you should consider moving your MILK to keep earning to the fullest potential.

How do I migrate my MILK Tokens?

Simply head to the MILKv2 page on muesliswap and follow the instructions on there.

Can I migrate all my MILK Tokens at once?

Yes, you can migrate all MILK tokens in your wallet to MILK v2 at once. This is the recommended approach for convenience and efficiency.

Is it possible to migrate only a portion of my MILK Tokens?

Absolutely. You can choose to migrate only a part of your MILK tokens using the Migration dialogue feature available on our platform.

How do I transition my stakes from the old to the new MILK farms?

Due to the decentralized nature of Muesliswap, this process requires manual intervention:

  1. Remove LP Tokens: Withdraw your LP tokens from the existing MILK/ADA and MILK/ADA LBE farms.

  2. Convert LP Tokens: Use the migration dialogue on the migration page to convert your old LP tokens into new ones compatible with MILK v2 pools.

What should I do if I have provided liquidity in the MILK/ADA pool?

For liquidity providers, follow these steps:

  1. Unstake from MILK/ADA Farming: Ensure all your LP positions are migrated.

  2. Convert LP Tokens: Press the button on the migration page to convert your existing MILK LP tokens into the new MILK LP tokens.

What about Flexible Staking?

For Flexible Staking, you'll need to:

  1. Withdraw Stakes: Remove your stakes from the old staking pools.

  2. Migrate Tokens: Migrate the MILK tokens back to your wallet here.

  3. Restake: Stake the new MILK tokens into the new staking pools.

Remember: Continuous migration with no set end date means you can migrate at your pace. However, migrating early is beneficial as rewards for MILK v1 will decrease over time.

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