What makes MuesliSwap different? Read more to see how we compare 👇

Non-custodial model In a traditional exchange, assets are held by a centralized entity (exchange, stock broker, ...). This comes with a significant risk of financial loss if this entity were to be hacked. When using MuesliSwap, funds are held directly on the blockchain, either in traders' private wallets or in a smart contract. Thus, there exists no intermediary with the ability to misuse users' funds.

Order transparency In the MuesliSwap protocol, all trades are publicly visible on the blockchain, forever. This way, everyone has the same access to market data, small and large investors alike. At the same time, transparency helps in avoiding market manipulations.

Democratized trading The MuesliSwap protocol doesn't rely on trusted individuals with special privileges. This is in contrast to other decentralized protocols, where a dev team has the power to select "validators". As a rule, these validators make money by arbitrage and reordering transactions in a way profitable for them. Such a protocol is not really decentralized! In MuesliSwap, no such thing exists - everyone can be a matchmaker.

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