MuesliSwap SNOW

The MuesliSwap launch commemorial token

The year 2021 was set to revolutionize the Cardano ecosystem: With the widely anticipated Alonzo hard fork, smart contracts allowed the community to build the first decentralized applications.

While dozens of projects had proudly announced their vision of becoming the first Cardano-based DEX, their Devs seemed to be entirely occupied with the study of Plutus Core. Well, not entirely ... One small team of indomitable Swiss computer scientists had already cracked the code and saw their chance.

On November 26th, 2021, MuesliSwap launched as the first DEX on Cardano mainnet. The same day, Switzerland saw its first snow. To celebrate the launch and the first snow of the year, we created SNOW: A limited amount of special snow globes!

SNOW is a scarce token with a supply of only 1,000,000, but unlike MILK, its primary purpose is not utility. Instead, it resembles a milestone in the history of Cardano DeFi, frozen in time. As a holder of the SNOW token, you share this moment with us.

Are there future benefits for SNOW holders, you ask? We will see! Snow globes are no crystal balls, so stay tuned for what's to come!

The policy ID of SNOW is 8f52f6a88acf6127bc4758a16b6047afc4da7887feae121ec217b75a

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