Instant Swap

Next to its orderbook trading features, MuesliSwap also has functionality to trade against liquidity pools. These liquidity pools have the benefit of high liquidity, which is supplied by users in a decentralized manner. There are different (and an increasing number of) DEXs that support trading via liquidity pools. Finding the best price is not always easy and may take a lot of time.

Over MuesliSwap you can always get the best price, from whichever DEX on the Cardano blockchain. In Instant swap, we find the cheapest prices on Cardano for you by aggregating all DEX protocols!

How does it work?

Simply head to our markets page, select the pair you want to swap, and our aggregator will take care of the rest! You can always see the protocol which currently offers the best price, as well as the estimated swap price and associated fees.

Note that this feature allows you to trade at the best price currently available. If you want to have a swap executed once a given price limit is reached, read on about Limit Swaps.

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