Other tokens

There are some other tokens distributed at special events. Their tokenomics are usually bound quite tightly to the event they correspond to. This page gives an overview over other official MuesliSwap tokens:


The MLBE Token represents a share in the participation at the MILK LB Event. 1 Token is equivalent to 1 ADA contributed to the liquidity bootstrapping. It will later be used in the boosted yield farm and can be redeemed for usual MILK/ADA LP token as soon as yield farming starts.

The official policy ID of the token is 5d0c8a159e94bb2c1a8c4df51e889e1dec8006c5d34e05b8d9843f5f


The MVOUCHER (Milk Voucher) Token represent a call option for MILK, redeemable at 1 ADA. It is distributed as reward for staking 100 Muesli Yield tokens for at least 30 days. See the Muesli Yield token page for details.

The official policy ID of the token is 0a5c0d56198786281ecd65fd0eb8b405a968a2a859bbbc4cfd32b1e3

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