Network Load

The load of the Cardano network can have consequences on your trading experience.

This means that during heavy network load placing, modifying, matching and cancelling orders may take longer than usual. If you are faced with error code 2 please retry after a few minutes. Most likely a previous transaction is still being processed.

Note: It may happen that after placing a transaction nothing happens. This is due to the network load - it might take some time before the transaction appears and gets processed. This also depends on the wallet used.

Tips for trading under high load

Under high load, submitting a transaction to the cardano network might takes several minutes or even fail completely. Below are some suggestions to cope with the situation

  1. Use your own node, where your wallet permits it. Each wallet uses its own cardano node to submit transactions to the network. Under high load, these nodes can become slow and overloaded. Set up your own node and configure your wallet to use your own node to circumvent the problem (i.e. Nami offers this functionality)

  2. Place orders slightly below/above market price. This incentivizes other users to place matching orders. Even for existing matches, matchmakers prefer orders with a small margin!

  3. Use the limit change rather than the cancel button when changing an open order. This way, you will only have to wait for one transaction to be submitted to the cardano network, rather than two.

  4. Split your tokens among several UTxOs. Each order placement consumes one or more utxos and creates new ones in your wallet. If you have your tokens split among several small UTxOs, you can submit a new order using unused UTxOs rather than waiting for the new UTxO of a preceding order to be created.

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