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Getting started with MuesliSwap on Milkomeda

We are proud to present MuesliSwap on Milkomeda - an extension to the MuesliSwap DEX that is operating on the Milkomeda sidechain. MuesliSwap on Milkomeda allows the trading of wrapped tokens with an Automated Market Maker (AMM) on on Milkomeda C1.

Currently, MuesliSwap Milkomeda is already available on Milkomeda mainnet! Check it out here:

What is Milkomeda C1?

Milkomeda is a protocol that equips Cardano with the power of the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Similar to a portal between two galaxies like the Milky Way and Andromeda, it connects the Cardano blockchain with Ethereum, allowing you to enjoy the best features of both blockchains.

Why Milkomeda and how does this help me?

Since Milkomeda is an EVM-compatible side chain bridged to Ethereum, users can benefit from easy access to existing smart contracts and DeFi services built on the Ethereum ecosystem. These complement well with Cardano and make it possible for us to bring the most anticipated tokens much earlier than anticipated to MuesliSwap users. Thanks to the Ethereum bridge MuesliSwap on Milkomeda will be able to offer trading in Wrapped Ether, USDT, USDC and many other assets.

We are hoping to enable trading across these two networks, which is why we have decided to launch MuesliSwap on Milkomeda. For the time being, users may also avoid the current network congestion by executing their trades on Milkomeda. Additionally, this also allows us to test AMM liquidity pools, which we plan on adding to our Cardano mainnet DEX in the middle of 2022.

How does this affect the main MuesliSwap DEX?

Of course, the MuesliSwap DEX on Cardano mainnet remains our core product!

You can see MuesliSwap on Milkomeda as an extension to our mainnet DEX, providing you with Automated Market Maker capabilities much earlier than anticipated. This will make it possible for the user to select their favorable trading model.

Is the Milkomeda DEX audited?

We are using the Uniswap V2 Smart Contracts, which have been independently audited by several industry-leading auditing companies. See for example: Uniswap V2 Audit Report

The validity of on-chain deployed contracts can be verified on launch, simply by comparing their bytecode to our GitHub repositories.

How can I benefit?

You will be able to benefit from providing liquidity into liquidity pools, earning from transaction fees in the process.

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