Cardano Wallets

1. Installing a wallet

In order to trade on MuesliSwap, you will need a Cardano wallet that supports dApps. All light wallets which follow the CIP-30 specification should work out of the box. The following light wallets are officially supported:

Note that you will need to use the browser plug-in version of the wallet. Also note that hardware wallets (Trezor, Ledger) are not supported yet.

You can also use the Eternl mobile app to interact with a dApp on your mobile device. There are multiple other mobile wallets out there, and alternatively you can also use mobile browsers like Kiwi browser or Yandex browser, which allow the installation of chrome extensions like wallets on mobile devices.

2. Connecting your wallet

After installing one of the wallets, your wallet needs to be connected to MuesliSwap.

  1. Press the "Connect Wallet" button in the top-right of the website (see Fig.1)

  2. Select one of your installed wallets (see Fig.2)

Now you are ready to place buy and sell orders. Congratulations!

Note: In order to connect with Eternl, you need to activate one wallet as a dApp Account (starting from version 1.4.1)

3. Adding collateral

To interact with smart contracts on Cardano, you need to set a "collateral" amount. This collateral will remain in your wallet, but might no longer be displayed as spendable. Some wallets support collateral by default (e.g. Nami and Gero), while for others we added this functionality to our page (e.g. Eternl).

You can always get your collateral back! It's not locked there forever.


  1. Click your user icon, to show your wallet settings

  2. Click on "Collateral"

  3. Enter your password, the collateral will be deducted from your wallet


  1. Click on "Account"

  2. Click on "Collateral"

  3. Click on "Deposit Collateral"

  4. Enter your password


CCVault supports Collateral starting from v1.4.1 directly within the wallet. To set collateral please go to CCVault. In CCVault select your wallet and go to the wallet specific settings. In the settings menu please enable the option collateral and set collateral if needed.

  1. Select your dApp Account

  2. Select the tab "Settings"

  3. There you will find the option "Collateral". Enable it.

  4. Press "Set Collateral" in case that no collateral is displayed.

Older versions of CCVault don’t have the notion of Collateral, instead the interacting website has to make sure that the wallet is smart contract ready. We will ask you to press a button on the "My Orders" page in case your wallet is not already smart-contract-ready.

4. Full Disconnect

In case you ever want to revoke the wallet access rights of the site, you can disconnect by following one of the guides for your wallet below or alternatively fully uninstall the wallet extension.


  1. Open Nami & click on your profile picture in the top-right corner

  2. Click on "Settings"

  3. Go to "Whitelisted sites"

  4. Click the small cross to the right of ""


  1. Go to & open Gero wallet by clicking on its icon.

  2. Click the small green circle in the top-right corner (If it is not there press the green circle in the top-left corner first for it to appear)

  3. Click "Disconnect"


  1. Click on the ccVault icon

  2. Click on "Settings" in the bottom-left of your window

  3. Open the "Whitelisted dApp Sites" category

  4. Click the red trash-can to the right of ""

5. FAQ

Question: I bought tokens with my Nami Wallet, but I received collectibles? Answer: Nami wallet has a display bug, where tokens could be displayed as collectibles. By hovering over the collectible, you will see the amount of token you received. You can double check on or by using another wallet that you have indeed received the correct amount of tokens.

Question: I am trying to place orders with my Hardware Wallet (i.e. Ledger) but the order fails! Answer: Hardware wallets like ledger do currently not support interactions with Smart Contracts. Please consider creating a Software Wallet, to which you can send small amounts for trading.

Question: Is there any mobile wallet support? Answer: We are not aware of any mobile wallet with dApp support. Using browsers like Kiwi browser or Yandex browser, some wallet Chrome extensions like Nami can be used on mobile devices.

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