MuesliSwap provides a number of API endpoints for querying the state of the DEX. The following is an incomplete list of endpoints, subject to change. Token decimals have to be accounted for by the client, unless explicitely stated.



Pools, etc

Wallet Specific

Terms of Use

For private use only. If you are interested in using this API commercially please contact us at contact@muesliswap.com. Moreover, we are applying a fair use policy to our API where we expect a reasonable number of requests.

Community Tools

In this section, we simply highlight certain tools that have been built on top of our API and contract. We take no liability for the quality of these services and do encourage some caution before employing these tools.

Google Sheets

Twitter user @cardanostra wrote a small thread on importing live price feed data into Google Sheets: https://twitter.com/cardanostra/status/1488522351985799173

Coin Overview

Cardanians built a pretty overview on all currently available tokens on the network, including data on the prices and volume powered by the MuesliSwap API: https://cardanoassets.com/

Last Trades

This website shows the most recent trades for featured tokens on the MuesliSwap page: https://yummymuesli.com/

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