Getting Started

Create a crypto wallet 👛

In order to trade crypto tokens, you will need to install a wallet that supports decentralized apps (dApps). There are quite a few wallets that you can choose from, but in this guide we will use the Metamask wallet.
The first step is downloading the wallet to your device. If you're on a desktop, the wallet works as a browser extension. On mobile devices, the wallet works as an app and you can get it from the app store. You can download the wallet from the Metamask webpage:
Now that you have the wallet installed, go ahead and open it using the extension icon in the top right of the browser. Follow the instructions on screen to create or import an account. Make sure to save your secret key phrase to avoid losing access to your funds. Never give away your private key!
After opening the Metamask wallet, you can see your account number - Account 1, and the associated address - it's the number starting with 0x. We will need this address later: you can copy the address by clicking it.

Connect your wallet to SmartBCH 🔗

The Metamask wallet is by default connected to the Ethereum chain. However, it's easy to connect it instead to Smart Bitcoin Cash. On the top of your wallet interface, you will see a button showing the name of the chain you're currently connected to:
To change the active chain, open the blockchain menu by clicking the button and select "Custom RPC". Then add the connection details as in the image below and click save.
Amazing! You have now set up your wallet for Smart Bitcoin Cash!
Connection details: RPC URL (primary node): RPC URL (seconary node): ChainID: 10000 (0x2710)
Note: if you're an advanced user, we encourage you to set up your own full node.

Transfer funds to your wallet 💸

The SmartBCH chain is a sidechain of Bitcoin Cash, which is also the main currency on the chain and is used to pay transaction fees. Currently, the best method to transfer Bitcoin Cash to your wallet is using CoinFlex bridge.
In order to transfer funds to the SmartBCH chain, go to CoinFlex at and create an account. You can either create one using email/password, or by connecting with Metamask.
After logging in, select "Deposit" from the menu on the top right.
This will open a page where you can deposit funds to the bridge. You can choose to deposit whatever cryptocurrency you like from your main crypto account. After depositing Bitcoin Cash or converting another currency to Bitcoin Cash, you just need to send BCH to the Metamask wallet that you created before.
To transfer funds to your Metamask wallet, select "Withdraw" from the navigation menu. In the withdraw page, select "BCH" as the currency you want to withdraw. Change network to SEP20 and paste your Metamask address into Destination BCH Address. Type the desired BCH amount and click submit. After a few seconds, you should be able to see your funds in Metamask!

Next steps 📈

You're now all set to start trading tokens on MuesliSwap. See more about trading here:
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