The philosophy of MuesliSwap is to always work hard and surprise with fast and solid delivery. At MuesliSwap we therefore do not create a hype around launch dates that strain the Network and our developers. Keep up to date with @MuesliSwapTeam to get notified about new releases! On this page you can find some basic information about our planned projects, that we continously improve.
MuesliSwap Milkomeda (Launched March 28th 2022)
An Ethereum-compatible automated marked maker DEX on the Milkomeda sidechain, bringing the possibility to trade cross-chain tokens!
MuesliSwap v2 (Continuous launch)
The upcoming version of our decentralized trading protocol, bringing partial order matching, AMM yield farming, speed improvements, and a completely new UX/UI design of the trading platform. Partial order matching launched on testnet March 23rd.
As bedrock for the new setup, we deployed our new Orderbook v2 contract on April 28th 2022. It introduces partial matches and lays the foundations for using Liquidity Pools to fill user orders. It comes together with a new UX/UI design.
On October 5th, 2022, liquidity pools along with our new website have been officially launched following the Cardano Vasil hard fork, which brings improvements to Cardano smart contract support.
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PlutoBay (Q2 2022)
What could it be? Follow @PlutoBayCardano for more news!