Feature preview (Testnet)

There is a live testnet version of MuesliSwap, where you can get to know the platform without spending real money. At the same time, it is the development branch of our dev team and can be seen as a feature preview. It can be accessed at

How to obtain tMILK

The tMILK token is a test token that can be freely requested from our faucet. To obtain tMILK, send more than 2 tADA to the following address:
You will receive 250 tMILK and a matchmaking license for the V2 order book together with the remainder of your tADA, fees deducted.
How to trade on the testnet version
Make sure to configure your wallet to operate on testnet when using this site. Trading on MuesliSwap testnet works exactly the same way as trading on mainnet. See the trading section for more details on both.