MuesliSwap. Towards a decentralized future.
MuesliSwap is an AMM (automated market maker). The MuesliSwap exchange is the core of our MuesliSwap ecosystem. Our ambition is to become the #1 exchange on Smart Bitcoin Cash.
See the guides in this section for a guide on how to use our exchange.
Some of the features our exchange include:

Token Swapping ✨

MuesliSwap is a decentralized exchange. That means there is no 3rd party operator you need to trust. This has the advantage, that all assets will be directly sent to your wallet without any intermediary.

Liquidity Pools 🌊

A token pair can only be swapped if liquidity has been provided. If not enough liquidity has been provided for a certain token pair swapping it can be expensive if not impossible. MuesliSwap can only be as successful as the amount of liquidity that has been provided to the exchange. That means that one of our top priorities is incentivising people to provide liquidity to MuesliSwap.
For providing liquidity, you will receive LP tokens. When performing a trade a trading fee has to be paid. A large fraction of this trading fee is paid to liquidity providers owning LP tokens.
MuesliSwap SmartBCH comes with competitive transaction fees. In total, 0.2 % of each swap is used as transaction fee, which goes to liquidity providers.

Farming 🚜

Farming is coming to MuesliSwap soon!
Farming is provided as an incentive for market participants to provide liquidity. Stake your LP tokens to receive a MILK reward! πŸ₯›
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